Gamme de quincaillerie serrurerie ancienne


know-how, beauty,
utility and longevity

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Ryms le fer, atelier de Ferronnerie et métallerie sur mesure


know-how, beauty, 
utility and longevity

———————-  Discover our collection


Gamme de quincaillerie serrurerie ancienne
Ryms le fer, atelier de Ferronnerie et métallerie sur mesure




Decorative metal and ironworks :
workshop values


RESPONSABILIty & efficiency

We practice the art of restoration on different pieces metalwork in historical monuments, prestigious sites and private homes. Giving the old a new lease of life while limiting carbon consumption thanks to our hybrid equipment. 
We have the responsibility to restore what can be restored, to limit our impact on the environment and as such, preserve our natural resources.

Our workspace is based on ergonomic design and efficiency to protect and optimise the movements and actions of our artisans.  Working hours are arranged and adapted according to weather conditions and family situations. 

This organisation allows us to offer you an optimal service. Our lead times are on average 15 days, for any type of order.


Made in Anjou

Each piece which leaves our workshop in Corné is handmade using traditional methods, at Ryms. 
When it comes to making purchases, selecting suppliers and choosing partners we opt for a local approach. Our suppliers are local, enabling us to reduce the amount of transport required as well as the associated costs. This ensures greater flexibility and reactivity for our clients, and allows us to participate in the dynamic economy of our territory.


Excellence & permanence

It’s the union of durability and trust, of materials and expertise.
We work with robust and reliable materials. The materials are transformed and explored in all their forms. Whether traditional or minimalist, we recommend preserving original materials and designing products which guarantee simplicity and longevity 


Transmission of knowledge

We are guardians of rare crafts; demanding, formidable, complex  and rich in personality.  Our mission is also to train men and women to allow this wonderful knowledge to endure and keep going. To pass on this knowledge is to enrich our humanity, to open a relationship with and discover oneself.

We train apprentices, students and accompany them on complex life journeys.  



In 2019 we joined the Féderation Française du Bâtiment de Maine et Loire, a federation which represents and supports those working in the building trade.  This space allows us exchange good practices among professionals, to recruit, to help one another and to access the most up to date technical information on our trades (norms, regulations, technological advances…)

Our director is responsible for the Innovation Management Commission at Metalworkers of France.  She hopes to initiate a European collaboration with the aim of creating cooperative organisations together (clients, partners, fellows, institutions). 


Joanna Zwolicki was a 2019 prizewinner of the Initiative Anjou network; recognition of the value of her entrepreneurial project by other professionals who have granted their trust and support.



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