Atelier ferronnerie métallerie d'art

The union of people
and materials

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History of the decorative

The story of Ryms begins with the union of people and materials in the heart of Anjou.

  • The company MVN was created in 1985, producing fine ironmongery for cabinetmakers.

  • On the initiative of Yves Redcent, ironworking, under the name Ryms, was incorporated into the activity in 2009.

  • Taken over in 2019 by Joanna Zwolicki, Ryms turned professional and refocused its core business towards an exacting client base: historical monuments and high-end homes. 

  • Fermanoir, a range of accessories, was created and an online shop dedicated to decoration and woodworking professionals was launched.

  • In 2023, the first export contracts were signed in collaboration with internationally renowned architects.

    Located in Anjou, Ryms promotes expertise and local distribution channels. All work is carried out at our workshop, as close as possible to our suppliers and partners. 

    Together, through our work, we have become part of a story bigger than ourselves. Ironwork is an ancient discipline, espousing movements, methods and values of which we are the custodians, bearing responsibility for the continuation of the craft. 



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